Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Washington, Oregon - Day 10: In Transit

Today was a transit day; we were leaving Orcas Island, traveling the length of Whidbey Island and then ferrying over to the Olympic Peninsula.  We were up before sunrise today because we had to catch the early ferry.  The manager of the hotel told us we should get to the ferry dock at least an hour ahead of time to make sure we got a spot (it's first come, first serve) so we were at the ferry dock by 7:40 for the 8:50 ferry.  The good news this morning, the sun was actually out, there was some clouds, but we could really see the sun!  While waiting for the ferry to arrive we had some muffins and juice for breakfast and wandered around the area taking some pictures.

Sunrise on Orcas Landing (the ferry dock).

Our ferry arriving.
Our ferry arrived, all the cars got loaded and we were on our way.

Leaving Orcas Island.
One thing to mention here, the ferry wasn't even close to being full, we had gotten up early for no reason, but we enjoyed the morning at the dock so all was well.  The trip back to Anacortes on Whidbey Island took a little over and hour and included stops at Shaw and Lopez Islands on the way.

Happy fisherman we passed on our ferry ride.
Arriving at Shaw Island

Lopez Island.
Leaving Lopez Island.

After arriving back in Anacortes, we made our trek south to catch the Keystone Ferry which goes to Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula.  We caught the ferry without a problem and made the short crossing.

Arriving in Port Townsend.
From Port Townsend we made the scenic drive to Sequim (pronounced Squim) where we were spending the night.  Just outside of Sequim we stopped for lunch at the Dockside Grill which unfortunately was closed, but there was some beautiful fall color on the marina promenade.

A pretty easy day for us except for the early morning, but even that turned out to be worth it as it was a beautiful sunrise.  Tomorrow we will be heading west to go to Cape Flattery, at the tip of the Olympic Pennisula and the most western point in the lower 48 states.

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