Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Washington, Oregon - Days 1 and 2: On the Road

 Day 1
We were on the road and heading north by 9 AM and had a very easy drive as there was little traffic on Interstate 5 and not many trucks.  We stopped for the night in Red Bluff and after a mediocre Mexican dinner at a nearby restaurant we called it a day.

Day 2
We left Red Bluff under sunny skies and had a nice drive up through Redding and the mountains surrounding Mt. Shasta.  Mt. Shasta dominates the view as you drive and it stands out above everything else.

Mt. Shasta from Interstate 5
Mt. Shasta

As we came down out of the mountains and passed through Weed, the weather began to change.  It became foggy and then as we crossed into Oregon, it began to cloud up and we had light drizzle.  It continued to drizzle as we headed north towards Salem, Oregon (our destination for the night) but we managed to avoid the rain until we arrived in Salem.  

Val's ex-sister-in-law Penny, her husband Nate and their family live in Salem, as well as Val's nephew Garrett.  Penny and Nate invited us to dinner in their beautiful home. The whole family was there including Val's niece Hillary and her family who live in Portland, Penny and Nate's two children and their spouses, and Garrett. There were 14 of us in all and we had a fantastic dinner and good conversation with everyone.  Penny and Nate are great hosts and we had such a good time visiting we hated to leave.  It was a long day, but a great ending.

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