Sunday, December 17, 2017

Atlantic Adventurer Cruise: Almost Time to Go

October 15, 2017

Val and I are off on another adventure, this time it’s the Atlantic Adventurer Cruise, our longest yet.  The cruise starts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and crosses the Atlantic to the Mediterranean where we will visit ports in the Azores, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Malta, Morocco, Gibraltar and Madeira before returning to Fort Lauderdale 49 days later.  There will be long periods at sea coming and going with a very intensive port schedule in between.

Val has spent months researching each port and booking various tours and activities for each one.  It will be a mix of ship excursions, tours with Cruise Critic Role Call members as well as some private tours for just Val and I.  This is our first time in this area so we are very excited about the trip and hope to see and do everything we can and hopefully not get too exhausted doing it.  Below is a map of the cruise.

Here is a spreadsheet Val made with our itinerary and the various tours we have scheduled for the cruise.  She did a great job putting it together and it will be our daily guide throughout the cruise. 
Page 1 - Day 1 through 11

Page 2 - Day 12 through 24

Page 3 - Day 25 through 31

Page 4 - Day 32 through 41

Page 5 - Day 42 through 50

As is now my habit, I will not be posting any of this until we return home.  As I have said before, as much as I would like to post this as it is happening, it is just not possible due to a very slow internet and the limitations of my time during the cruise.  I really enjoy putting these blog posts together, but I also like to enjoy my vacation time and like to spend some of my free time just relaxing.  I do write the blog every day so what you read is done live, but I wait until we get home to process the pictures and post the blog.  The fact that we won’t be home until two weeks before Christmas means that some or most of this won’t be published until after New Year’s.

It's almost time to leave, and like last year we have shipped our main luggage, which left last week and we won’t see again until we are on the ship.  That means we only have to pack our carry-ons and a bag with a few days of clothes and we are ready to go.  We leave tomorrow for my brother’s house in the Los Angeles area where our journey will begin.

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