Monday, October 2, 2017

Geezer X - Day 5: Visiting Apache Ski

September 21

As usual, everyone wandered in at various times this morning, with Greg added to the mix for the first time.  Nothing was planned for the morning so the puzzle makers worked on the puzzle and we all chatted and did whatever we felt like.  Jack wanted to fly his drone so we spent some time out on the deck "helping".  He is becoming quite proficient and has made some great videos from some of his drone flights.

"Helping" Jack fly his drone.

Before we left on this trip, Val had discovered a zip line in the area at the
Apache Ski Resort just outside of Ruidoso and she wanted to try it.  It is one of the longest in the world so we decided to drive up and check it out after lunch and maybe even do it.  The ski resort was at about 10,000 feet and the top of the zip line was at 11,500, so pretty high up.  There is a gondola that takes you to the top of the mountain to ski or to get up to the zip line.  It was a beautiful day when we arrived, but very windy and we soon found out they had shut down the gondola and zip line because of the that, so no chance of zip-lining today.  I don’t know whether we felt more disappointment or relief, but we did decide to return tomorrow and try again.

It was nearly dinner time when we got home and tonight Steph made pulled pork sandwiches, which were as usual, delicious.  After dinner it was another night of homemade videos.  I had videos of our Voyage of the Vikings Cruise last year and our Hawaiian trip this spring.  Jack had some videos he’d shot with his drone and from his trip to Ohio this summer.  Jack and I always enjoy showing our videos since this is somewhat of a captive audience.  After the videos, we all sat and chatted for a while, but one by one everyone drifted off to bed and we were all done by 11:00.  No late nights on this trip; after all, we are all geezers.

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