Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Road Trip to Houston: San Antonio

Day 7

We slept late today and just relaxed as it was nice not to have to get up and hit the road.   While I waited for Val I went down and took a few pictures of our hotel and the River Walk..

Besides the tour boats, they also have water taxis.
Val is watching me from our balcony, she is near the top in the middle of the picture.

We decided to skip breakfast and eat an early lunch so after getting cleaned up and dressed we were on our way to the Alamo. The Alamo is a short walk from the hotel so we were soon there and walking around the grounds.  We watched a very interesting short movie on the history of the Alamo and Texas independence.  The Alamo is considered a sacred shrine in Texas and is treated with respect and reverence, it is a pretty amazing story. After going through the museum and visiting the church we headed back to the hotel.  Here are some pictures of the Alamo, but because it is a shrine, no photography is allowed in any of the buildings.

The next thing we wanted to do today was go to Market Square, which is a large Mexican market with many street vendors, shops and restaurants.  Surprisingly, both Val and I are still feeling the effects of our walk down into Carlsbad Caverns so we decided to take a cab instead of walking.  After arriving at Market Square, our first order of business was lunch and we had heard that the Mi Tierra Café and Bakery had very good Tex-Mex food so that’s where we ate.  It is a huge restaurant and we enjoyed our meal and the atmosphere.  After lunch we couldn’t resist the bakery and bought some pastries for dessert.  We wandered around the shops for a while and then headed back to the hotel for a little afternoon rest.

I was feeling a little uncomfortable being serenaded, but it did add to the fun.

You can see why we couldn't resist a visit to the bakery.

After our rest we decided to go down to the River Walk and walk the full loop.  The part of the loop that is the main river channel is not very interesting as there is not much going on, but overall it was an enjoyable walk.  Once again it was a beautiful, balmy evening, but being a Friday night there were a lot more people out than last night.  We completed the loop and decided to look for something to eat.  

Just past the bridge there is an amphitheater.  You can see the seating on the right and across the channel is the stage.
Val told them to look mean and angry for their picture, but the fellow on the left didn't get the message.

We weren’t very hungry as we had a full dinner at lunch so we just opted for ice cream.  We returned to the room and enjoyed the evening from our balcony for a while and then retired to the room.  I spent the rest of the evening downloading pictures and working on the blog and Val planned our route through the Texas Hill Country tomorrow.

We really liked staying here at the Omni Hotel and will be sad to leave, but we have other places to go and things to do so it’s back on the road tomorrow.

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  1. I love the shot of the huge tree framed under the arch. Val looks like she is having a yummy lunch. Boy, your hotel is smack dab in the middle of everything. Good choice!