Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hawaii / Tahiti 30 Day Cruise - Day 26 Sea Day

Wednesday Day 26 – Sea Day

Last night at 2:25 AM, we crossed the equator and our now back in the Northern Hemisphere.  I slept late still not feeling very good and decided I would go down to the infirmary and see what the ship’s doctor had to say.  It was very crowded with all the colds going around and he told me the number of colds is the worst he’s seen in his fifteen years of being a ship’s doctor, in fact he had the cold himself.  He gave me some antibiotics which I hope will do the trick, I am usually very healthy, but this trip I seem to have caught a couple of things.  At least it hasn’t stopped from enjoying all the beautiful islands we’ve visited.

This is a shot of the television screen that shows navigational, meteorological,
and current location information about our cruise. Our position is the circle
in the middle of the globe.  As you can see we are far away from anywhere.
I rested for a while and then it was time for lunch and team trivia for Val.  I just laid on the bed and dozed for a while, but started feeling better late in the afternoon so we decided to go to the casino since we hadn’t gone the night before.  I should have kept resting as we didn’t have much luck.  Tonight is a formal night, but neither one of us feel like dressing up, so it's room service for us tonight.

One thing was disappointing today, was we missed the King Neptune Ceremony where crew members who have never crossed the equator are initiated into the order of “shellback”.  We’ve already crossed the equator once, but they only do the ceremony once per cruise, so since this was the day of our second crossing of the equator they had the ceremony today.  We both wanted to attend as it is supposed to be a fun event, but unfortunately, I was sitting in the doctor’s office.  Next year we’ll be crossing the equator again, so maybe we’ll get to see it then.

I did make it to dinner tonight, but it is a bit of an effort to eat when you have no appetite.  After dinner it was back to the room, and to bed.

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