Thursday, February 28, 2013

Las Vegas and Death Valley: Las Vegas Day 4

Our last day in Las Vegas, time seems to go by so quickly here.  This morning we decided that we would head over to Caesar's Palace which is right across the street from Harrah's.

The easiest way to get into Caesar's from where we crossed the street is the long walk through the forums shops.  Caesar's is a massive property so no matter where you go, it's a walk.

The entrance to the forum shops.
The walk through the shops.
The entrance into Caesar's hotel and casino.
We spent some time gambling, which followed last night's trend except Val did even better and I did even worse.  It looks like it's going to be that kind of trip for me.  Soon we were getting hungry and spotted Gordon Ramsay's Pub and Grill which has recently opened, but unfortunately it was closed for lunch because the staff was going through some sort of training.  We were disappointed as the menu looked very good. 

After lunch we left Caesar's and headed across the street to the Flamingo and then down the street to the Quad again.  After that it was back to Harrah's and up to the room to rest our tired feet.  I used the time to buy some Internet time and update the blog.  We went down to the casino early this evening as we wanted to get to bed early since we head to Death Valley tomorrow morning. 

Our trip to the casino proved fruitful mainly thanks to Harrah's.  There was a promotion going on for our visit which gave us $300 in free slot play so we decided to use it on a $5 machine.  After going through the first $200 winning nothing, we were happily surprised to hit for $600.  We had to play out the rest of the free play and then we split the $600 between us.  This allowed me to break even for the day which meant I would go home with at least some of my gambling money.  As for Val, it just increased her win for the day and even though she still lost overall on the trip, it means she will take most of her money home with her.  We always expect to lose everything, so anything we bring home seems like a win to us.

After our surprise win at the $5 machine we decided to have dinner at the buffet and call it a night.  As usual it has been a great trip and time has flown by.  We are looking forward to meeting up with Michael and Mikie at the Furnace Creek Inn in Death Valley tomorrow and to start exploring Death Valley.  It will be quite a contrast between the masses of people in Las Vegas and the isolation of Death Valley.

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