Wednesday, February 8, 2012


On February 24th I will be joining Val in retirement and starting a new phase of my life.  One of the things we are really looking forward to is being able to travel as much as we'd like.  After seeing a blog written (with pictures) by someone who is on a world cruise, I thought that looked like an interesting thing to do and decided I would try it.  I'm hoping Val will also contribute to this as well, as she is the writer in the family.

We already have several trips planned including a surprise trip in March put together by Val celebrating my retirement.  In May we will be driving the White Rim Road in Canyonlands National Park with a group of friends.  We will follow that with a 6 day whitewater rafting trip through the Grand Canyon in late August and in April of 2013 we have booked a 30 day cruise to Tahiti and French Polynesia.

So that's it for now.  I hope this blog will turn out to be not only for Val and I, but also enable our friends and family to follow us through our travels.

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